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May 2020:


I will be doing an open ZOOM meeting every Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 - 11:00 AM.  These meetings are not required!  This will just be an open question-answer time for anyone who has questions about Science assignments.  Email me for the meeting ID and password (I can't post it here because we don't want to get ZOOM-bombed!)


I will also be scheduling in-person tutoring sesssions.  Contact me if you are interested in receiving one-on-one help with Science.


Country Maps:    3rd Period     4th Period     5th Period

For the 1st week of our online learning experience, you will be doing a research project on Natural Hazards.  In class last Thursday, each person in your "city" chose one hazard to research.  That will be the hazard that your project will be based on.  (If you were absent Thursday, or honestly don’t remember which hazard you chose/were assigned, email me and I will assign you a hazard to research).  If you picked up a packet Monday/Tuesday, each day’s topic is listed on a separate page.  You can write directly on that page and turn the whole packet in together next Monday, or you can type and submit your responses.  Otherwise, check here each day to see what you need to research.  I would strongly recommend submitting your work daily, I promise this would be much less stressful than composing one big document on the last day. 


Tuesday, March 17

Wednesday, March 18

Thursday, March 19

Friday, March 20


Week 2!  Buckle up; here we go!  We are going to start reviewing some concepts from the beginning of the year (Do we even remember that August happened?)  This should be a pretty easy week for Science.  Mostly some quick worksheets reviewing atoms, molecules, and the Periodic Table.  Check your ASPIRE and make sure it is accurate.  I am so impressed with the effort that some of you are putting in!  Good job, and keep up the hard work!


Monday, March 23


Tuesday, March 24  A Periodic Table will be helpful!


Wednesday, March 25 - Major Groups of the Periodic Table


Thursday, March 26

Friday, March 27 - Note: click here for more info. on Friday's assignment.


Monday, March 30 - Make-up Day!


Tuesday, March 31/Wednesday, April 1 - video


Thursday, April 2/Friday, April 3 - Assignment:  Write 10 facts about Chemical Reactions from the video


April Choice Menu:  This one assignment will carry us through the entire month of April.  This is a list of 25 different activities reviewing science concepts we have learned throughout the year.  Each week, you need to choose 3 activities to complete and submit for credit.  You can choose any three activities in any order.

     Invisible ink video